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Belicosos Finos Belicoso/Campana 25 $336
Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $240
Royal Coronas Robusto 25
Tubos No.2 Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $268
Belicosos Finos Slb Belicoso/Campana 25 $336
Bonitas Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $142
Coronas Corona 25 $201
Coronas Extra Francisco 25 $240
Coronas Extra Slb Cab Francisco 50 $413
Coronas Gigantes Churchill/Julieta 25 $360
Coronas Gigantes Slb Cab Churchill/Julieta 50 $799
Coronas Junior Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25 $203
Gold Medal Lonsdale 10 $117
Inmensas Dalia 25 $307
Lonsdales Lonsdale 25 $206
Petit Coronas Slb Cab Petit Corona/Mareva 50 $362
Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10 Robusto 10 $152
Tubos No.1 Corona 25 $295
Tubos No.3 Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $203
The history of "Bolivar" cigar brand starts in the far 1901 year. Almost a century passed since the death of Simon Bolivar - national Latin American hero. A Spanish entrepreneur from Havana paid a contribution in order to use the name of Simon Bolivar for the cigar trade mark. The cigars are made of leaves whose character symbolizes hero's brave personality. Today "Bolivar" is one of the most popular brands on the market, especially in Great Britain.
Cigars Price
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