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The high end cognac is now edited by the prestigious House of Martell under license from the Cuban cigar company, Habanos. The blend was chosen by a committee of cigar and prestige cognac experts. It was launched in February 1999 during the International Cuban Cigar Festival at Havana, Cuba.
Since 1715, Jean Martell and his successors have established an independent spirit, a creative flair and a passion for fine quality in the Cognac that bears his name. Specially designed to symbolise the values of the brand, Cohiba Cognac is elaborated from a blend of the finest eaux-de-vie from the famous "Grande Champgagne" vineyards only.
Cohiba Cognac has a distinctive amber colour with a slight tint of mahogany, and a nose of intense aromas of orange, hazelnut and almond. On the palate it is both well-structured and subtle, and has a finish of plum, vanilla and nutty notes.


A luxury box with a rotating base. Bottle of 70 cl at 43% volume.

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Cigars that we recommend to taste with this fine Cognac: Cohiba Siglo V, Siglo IV or Siglo VI. Any medium to big size Cuban cigar that is not too strong but with an array of subtle flavors that can develop with the Cognac subtle flavors.

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