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Inmensos 898 box of 10 Sublimes 10 $211
Medaille Dor No. 1 Delicados 25 $291
Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898 Dalia 25 $336
Medaille Dor No. 3 Panetela 25 $139
Medaille Dor No. 4 Panetela 25 $210
Mini Cigarillos Pack Of 20 Cigarillo 20 $20
Tainos Churchill/Julieta 10 $142
The "Gloria Cubana" brand is very old. These medium strength cigars were developed in 1885 by Jose Rocha and Rafa. Now they are available in a wide variety of sizes in a small, but beautifully made range. The "Gloria Cubana" is one of the few only handmade brands.
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