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Hoyo De Monterrey - Double Coronas Slb Cab

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Hoyo De MonterreyDouble Coronas Slb Cab brand

Price: $815         50 cigars


Double Corona/Prominente


What shall we say about one of the best-rated Havanas. This Double Corona has already confirmed its rank in the marketplace: It's a great smoke. Everyone enjoys this well-balanced Double Co, even if some old connoisseurs say that it's not enough strong.


SLB cabinet of 50


Length: 194 mm
Diameter: 19.45 mm
Ring gauge: 49

Before lighting up

Fresh and floral. Rare sweet spicy, but creamy notes.


The Hoyo DC has a secret: we cannot identify the detail that make of it a blockbuster appreciated by the unanimity of cigar smokers. Although the smoke is light, it's very rich and full of aromas. These Cuban cigars are full with cinnamon and nutmeg.


A deep earthiness and some dry woody notes. This Double Co is simply one of the best.

Smoking time

2 - 2 h 30 min

Double Coronas Slb Cab
50 cigars

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