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Juan Lopez - Selection No. 1 Slb

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Juan LopezSelection No. 1 Slb brand

Price: $295         25 cigars


Corona Gorda


It's not a Churchill, it's not a Hermoso N°4 and it's not a Corona. It's an excellent compromise, a real harmony when it comes to the shape. It's a "Corona Gorda".


SLB box of 25


Length: 143 mm
Diameter: 18.26 mm
Ring gauge: 46

Before lighting up

The smell of Cuban cedar is dominant, and it is obscuring all others. However, we can detect some hints of cinnamon.


Heady smoke. Regular draw. Even if the Cuban cedar notes are dominant, we can discover many associated aromas and flavours. In the first third, some "Austrian coffee" aromas fascinate us. In the second third, the woody notes become more present, and the smoke evolves progressively in a dry registry.


the great surprise is: rare hints of cinnamon in this dry woody final, which is just hot without being aggressive.

Smoking time

1 -1 h 40 min

Selection No. 1 Slb
25 cigars

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