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Selection No. 1 Slb Corona Gorda 25 $295
Selection No. 2 Slb Robusto 25 $285
Coronas Corona 25 $208
Panetelas Superba Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $118
Patricias Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25 $178
Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $203
Selection No. 2 Slb Cab 50 Robusto 50
The "Juan Lopez" brand is highly appreciated by the connoisseurs. The characteristics of these cigars are the following: a small production, mild and smooth blends, and only six shapes. The "Juan Lopez" brand has maintained the high level of quality. Probably because of this reason these vitolas disappears from the market place from time to time. Experts declare that this brand has saved the characteristics of the original mark of ancestors.
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