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Brevas Petit Corona/Mareva 25 $66
Londres Extra Standart 25 $91
Nacionales Nacionales 25 $95
Panetelas Panetela 25 $87
There are some few Cuban brands not originally from Havana. One of them is the "Quintero". Augustin Quintero and his brothers founded the Quintero cigars factory in 1920s in their hometown of Cienfuegos. The Remedios growing region is situated not far from the fabric. The full-flavoured brand was developed in 1940. It is produced now primarily in machine-bunched/hand-finished and all machine-made sizes. Some models are machine-made and appear in the same sizes as the handmade range. In comparison to other Havanas the "Quintero" cigar has milder flavor, because it is made from a light-flavored blend of Vuelta Abajo tobacco. The Quintero Churchill is actually a classic Lonsdale or Cervantes, to use the Cuban factory name. In 1940 the factory was moved to Havana. After that the "Quintero" became a major export brand. It is still very popular among Spanish smokers.
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