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Coloniales 24cp Coloniales 24 $301
Reyes 12cp Reyes 12 $107
Reyes 24cp Reyes 24 $223
Coloniales Pack Of 5 Coloniales 5 $62
Fundadores Pack Of 5 Laguito No.1 5 $138
Fundadores Sbn B 12cp Laguito No.1 12 $295
Fundadores Sbn B 24cp Laguito No.1 24 $489
Fundadores Sbn B 50 Laguito No.1 50 $827
Reyes Pack Of 5 Reyes 5 $47
Robustos Extra 12cp Dobles 12 $365
Robustos Extra Pack Of 3 Dobles 3 $107
Robustos T Cabinet Of 12 Robusto 12 $264
Robustos T Cabinet Of 24 Robusto 24 $642
The "Trinidad" brand is a new format of cigar never existed in any other brand of Habanos. It was introduced on the threshold of the new millennium. Elegant and seigniorial aspects of new design were especially invented to describe the Trinity of Cuba. The experts consider that these cigars have mysterious blend with a medium strength. It is a discovery of the most experienced cigar makers of the factory El Laguito. This Habano is distinguished by unique flavor, exquisite aroma, elegant and appealing shape. It is the perfect choice of those smokers who like to discover the secrets of the best tobacco of the world. Trinidad is presented in boxes of natural cedar with brooch, of 24 and 50 units. The three cigars, Reyes (11/1.59 cm), Coloniales (13.2/1.75 cm) and Robusto Extra (15.5/1.99 cm) are new format sizes that are not available in the other Habanos brands. This strategy is forwarded to emphasize the unique position of the Trinidad series among other brands.
Cigars Price
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