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Q. : How can I pay for my order with you?

A. : We accept Credit Cards.

Q. : Do you accept any other currency but USD?

A. : We do business in USD. If you have another currency account, you'll be charged in accordance to the currency rates efficient the day you are placing an order.

Q. : What is your Chargeback policy?

A. : We will not tolerate chargebacks and any customer attempting or threatening to do this will be immediately barred from making any future purchases on this website as well as having their card blacklisted among processors. If there is a problem we will always seek a solution resulting in either a refund or a reship in line with our structured reship and refund procedure.

Q. : What if my order gets returned?

A. : When orders are returned not by our fault (for example such reasons as UNCLAIMED or WRONG ADDRESSED), there are two options you can choose from. First scenario: we will refund the amount of your order except 10% processing commissions and $15 return fee that we pay upon the receipt of such shipments. Otherwise we can reship your order for a flat fee of $30 (shipping expense).

Q. : How are the cigars packed?

A. : We ship our cigars in their original boxes with bands on and original Cuban factory seals. Cigars are vacuum packed to preserve moisture level and freshness and delivered in a prompt and confidential way. When you receive your cigars you are recommended to let them rest for 3 - 5 days before tasting them.

Q. : How do you ship orders?

A. : We ship all orders by Express Airmail with tracking number available. Our delivery times are 4 - 10 days since shipping to any destination.

Q. : How much do you charge for shipping?

A. : Shipping is free for orders above $150. For orders up to $150 it's $30 per order.
We are glad to inform our Greek customers that shipping to Greece is under the same conditions as for other countries again: for orders up to $150- shipping is $30, and for orders equal to or more than $150 - the shipping is free!
We have also found a new method of delivering cigars to the UK and France. Please pay attention that this will cost $20 for parcels going to France.

Q. : Can you deliver anywhere in the world?

A. : We deliver worldwide.

Q. : What if my package is taxed or even seized?

A. : Yes, it may sometimes happen in such countries as Canada, Australia and UK that the parcels get taxed or confiscated (UK, Canada). We guarantee refund in both cases. After the parcel gets back to us being refused by the recipient for a high tax, we will make a refund deducting $50 for the return and 25% from the total of your order.
In case the package gets seized, our customer receives 75% from the initial sum he/she paid for the cigars. Another option would be reship, however please pay attention that the replacement package is not guaranteed for delivery.

Q. : Is delivery guaranteed?

A. : Yes, WE GUARANTEE DELIVERY to any location in the world. You will receive your order wherever you are. If your shipment does not arrive for any reason - what is very unlikely to happen - it will be replaced or you will receive a full refund - whichever you choose.

Q. : Do you guarantee authenticity?

A. : We carry ONLY ORIGINAL CUBAN CIGARS that we get from Habanos S.A. and nothing else. Authenticity is 100% guaranteed and can be proved by genuine Cuban factory seals, date codes and what's most important - by cigar taste!

Q. : What if I'm unhappy with my order?

A. : This is an extremely unlikely event, but, anyway, we will provide you with highest level service! All you need to do is contact us by e-mail and inform about your problem. Returns are accepted within 30 days. We will make a 100% refund for cigars with quality issues even if one or two cigars are missing (otherwise we're only refunding the cost of returned cigars). Remember to keep the original packaging intact.

Q. : What if my order does not arrive?

A. : We're sure that you will receive your order in time. However if your cigars do not arrive at your door we will send you either a replacement or a refund of order amount. We do guarantee delivery!

Q. : Are there any taxes imposed?

A. : We do everything possible to avoid any additional fees upon product arrival to the client's country, however tobacco related laws differ from a country to another. If you are asked to pay duties you may choose whether you wish to accept these fees or refuse the parcel. In case of refusal the package will be sent back and we'll credit your account as soon as it reaches us.

Q. : I'm worried about confidentiality, Can I be sure that my personal information is protected?

A. : CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED. We do care about your privacy and the information you provide is used only for orders dispatch. This is strictly controlled and no access is available to any third party.

Q. : Is it safe to share my billing details online?

A. : We use the high industry standard, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to ensure our online ordering facility is fully secured. The URL in your shopping cart starts with https instead of usual http what means that connection is secured and all information is encrypted.

Q. : Is there any maximum or minimum order?

A. : No. Note, however, that the maximum order limit is $800.

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